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1,000 to 120,000 Monthly Organic Visitors in 6 Months Without Publishing New Content

We optimised existing content and increased organic traffic by 11680% without publishing new posts.
Written by
Jake Ward
Published on
May 21, 2024
Content Growth was engaged to help optimise existing content and increase organic traffic without publishing new blog posts for a client in the finance industry.


A multi-billion-pound global multinational corporation in the financial industry. Content Growth created and helps execute the strategy for their UK B2B blog to promote their business financial services.


Over 300 published blog posts, but minimal traffic

The client has been publishing blog posts since 2019, but have been struggling to rank in the top positions in Google for their target keywords and acquire their target audience through organic search. 

The client’s publishing velocity was high, with over 300+ blog posts since 2019, but it wasn’t resulting in traffic. In fact, their traffic was declining month-over-month in the six months prior to our engagement.

Here’s their organic traffic 6 months prior:

The client invested a lot of money in this content and it wasn’t reaching its target audience at scale in order to maximise its brand exposure from organic search. They wanted to get more out of their existing content and reach the goal of 80,000 organic visitors to their blog in 2021.


Phase 1: Content audit

We first started by crawling all of the content on their blog and connecting multiple data sources to provide us with a full picture of their current situation. This includes traffic, impressions, rankings, the best performing keyword for each page, and conversion rate.

With this data, we were able to identify:

  1. Pages that were nearly ranking, i.e. low-hanging fruit
  2. Pages that had potential, but were poorly optimised
  3. Pages that tried to target too many “intents” and needed breaking apart to target separate topics
  4. Multiple pages around the same topic that could be merged together
  5. Dead pages that offered no value to users and search engines

We then prioritised pages in the content audit based on getting the quickest increase in traffic possible. That meant starting with low-hanging fruit pages that were nearly ranking for their target keywords; specifically, keywords in positions 4 to 20.

Phase 2: Content optimisation

The execution. Over the next few months, we implemented our content optimisation process on 20 existing pages in priority order of potential traffic and time to rank after implementing optimisation.

Here we focus on optimising:

  • Featured snippet
  • Introduction
  • Word presence
  • Term frequency
  • Topic coverage
  • Content structure
  • Internal linking


+11,680% growth

After 6 months, we’ve taken the blog from ~1,000 to 117,801 organic visitors per month without publishing any new content.

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